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Sky's Adornments and Everyday Clouds: Aernout Smit and Abraham Storck
On Clouds in Dutch Marine Painting

What Kind of Sky is This?
Meteorological Associations to „Impressionism. The Art of the Landscape“; Museum Barberini Potsdam, 23. 01. 2017 - 28. 05. 2017

The Little Ice Age 2001/2002
Climate, Weather, and Geology in Dutch Landscape Painting of the 17th Century
    - The Origin of Landscape
     - The Uncomplete Sky

The Urge for Realism. Meteorology in Dutch Landscape Painting in the 17th Century
from the exhibition catalogue" "The Sky so Wide" ;
Museum Schloss Moyland, 18.5.-24.08.2014

Mapping Spaces (German only)
German version, slightly revised, of a contribution to the exhibition catalogue "Mapping Spaces" at the ZKM|Museum f�r Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe, 12.04. - 13.07.2014

Paintings as Climate Archives?
Do paintings provide us with climate proxy data?
from" GFZ-Journal System Erde" Nr. 1/2012

Haarlem's Crown of Clouds
Meteorology in J.v. Ruisdael's 'Haarlempjes', Bundeskunsthalle 2002

Contrived Reality
Weather and Geology in J.v. Ruisdael's 'View of Ootmarsum'
A contribution to the "Summer of Science" and ESOF, Munich 2006

An Ordinary Sky by an Extraordinary Painter
Jan van Goyen, "On the Dune", 1642, Museum der bildenden K�nste, Leipzig, 2008

Hendrick Avercamp: Enjyoing the Ice
Symposium “IJspret - De winters van Hendrick Avercamp”,
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 14-01-2010

Joos de Momper's Clouds, Sky,
and Atmospheric Optics

Goethe and the Clouds

On Goethe's 250th Birthday, Castle Charlottenburg 1999

Comment on John Walsh:
"Skies and Reality in Dutch Landscape "(1991)

Potsdam 2013

Selected Paintings:

Jacob van Ruisdael's 'Thunderstorm Brewing' , Alte Pinakothek, Munich 2007

Jacob van Ruisdael's 'Dune Landscape with Donkey Driver' , MdbK Leipzig 2008

L. Backhuysen: 'At the Harbour of Amsterdam' , St�del Museum, Frankfurt/M. 2007


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